Nigerians are one of the most hard-working people on earth – Femi Aguda, CEO of Block 22 Realty LLC

Nigerian-born- American-based real estate professional and investor Aguda Olufemi Michael recently gave kudos to Nigerians for being one of the most hardworking, and innovative set of people he has come across.

A few years after leaving his country, the founder and CEO of Block 22 Realty LLC, leaves no one in doubt that he is one of the most successful African immigrants in America.
However, despite having made a success of his life in America, Femi Aguda (as he is fondly called by friends and business associates) maintains that staying connected to his Nigerian roots is important to him.

The serial entrepreneur revealed that for his relatives in Nigeria, he does come home for visits frequently.

“I have relatives in Nigeria, so I do come home for visits. Also, recently I have been doing a lot of speaking engagements both to realtors in Nigeria and entrepreneurs alike where I teach, motivates on industry and life experiences. I also plan in future to invest in real estate development in Nigeria –So watch out,” he stated.

Femi Aguda further revealed what he misses most about Nigeria and the values he upholds even while living in America.

He noted: “I miss mostly the food, the people, and Lagos vibes, excluding the traffic (laughs). The values I uphold are Hard work: Nigerians are one of the most hard-working people on earth and I am one as well. They are also innovative; believe me when I say we are one of the most innovative people. In addition, Nigerians are God-fearing, you can’t take away the fact that Nigerians are people that loves investor.”

Femi Aguda further pointed out that Nigerians are blessed with an entrepreneurship mentality. “The country has a long history of self-made people who worked their ways from poverty to prosperity. And these values are what help Nigerians in the diaspora to make a success of their lives,” he stated.

The real estate investor also called on the Nigerian government to formulate and implement progressive economic policies that will aid the rapid development of the country and help secure the future of Nigerian youths.

“With the right economic policies, youths will drive the rapid development of the Nigerian economy,” Femi Aguda avowed.

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