New domestic airline K-Impex Air to begin operations next year

By Chinelo Obogo, Lagos

A new domestic airline, K-Impex Air, is set to commence scheduled passenger, cargo and charter operations across the country.

According to the Managing Director, Abel Ozigi, the airline will operate local cargo operations, targeting perishable and non-perishable goods because, according to him, insecurity and decaying road infrastructure have made the transportation of goods by road very difficult.

Ozigi who disclosed that the airline is shopping for the model of aircraft that has 15 to 20 tons capacity to develop local cargo operations said he is personally concerned about the huge losses being incurred by distributors of perishable goods resulting from frequent accidents and attacks by bandits on highways added that the airline’s planned freight services would eliminate such circumstances.

‘The initiative l believe, will ensure that perishable items are delivered fresh to consumers. It will eradicate delays and multiple taxations incurred by distributors who usually pay rates from state to state as they truck their goods,’ he said.

Though not willing to disclose the type of aircraft model the airline is procuring for the various operations, he said: ‘We are aware of the implications of using the right model of aircraft for domestic operations, so we are ordering the most suitable airplanes for our local and regional operations.’

He further disclosed that K-Impex airline would start operations locally but would eventually extend to regional routes within the first six months. The airline according to him is targeting to start with four airplanes for scheduled operations, two 12-seater planes for charter operations and one freighter by the first quarter of 2022.

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