Nasarawa APC, Governor Sule endorse incumbent Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi for 7th Assembly

From Abel Leonard, Lafia

In a significant development, it has been revealed that the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, since its inception 24 years ago, has never conducted a speakership election. Instead, the assembly has consistently reached a consensus on the choice of the Speaker.

The latest endorsement came to light during a crucial meeting held by the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) at the Presidential Lodge in Government House Lafia, Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by Governor Abdullahi Sule, APC State Chairman Dr John Mamman, Secretary Alh Aliyu Bello, and all the eleven APC members-elect, primarily focused on the upcoming inauguration of the State Assembly.

During the meeting, Dr John Mamman wasted no time in announcing that the party had resolved to endorse the incumbent Speaker, Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi, for the sake of continuity and consolidation. Mamman lauded Speaker Balarabe’s effective, peaceful, and beneficial leadership, a sentiment echoed by the party secretary, Alh Aliyu Bello.

“I am telling you authoritatively that the meeting took place at Presidential Lodge in Government House Lafia and had Governor Abdullahi Sule in attendance as well as APC State Chairman, Dr John Mamman, his Secretary, Alh Aliyu Bello and all the Eleven APC members-elect were in attendance as well as the State Deputy Governor Dr Emmanuel Akabe.”

“The APC Chairman Dr John Mamman was the one that opens the flow and went straight to the point that the party has resolved and settled for incumbent Speaker Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi for continuity and consolidation, adding that Speaker Balarabe’s leadership was fruitful, peaceful and beneficial to the entire State and John Mamman position was collaborated by the party secretary Alh Aliyu Bello.”

“The flow was opened for comments and contributions from members-elect where some of them spoke before the final submission was made by Governor Sule.”

“The Governor was point blank on his position, desire and stands on the choice of incumbent Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi.”

Following their statements, the floor was opened for comments and contributions from the members-elect. Several members-elect spoke before Governor Sule made his final submission. The Governor made it clear that he wholeheartedly supported incumbent Speaker Balarabe Abdullahi. He urged the members-elect to align with his choice, emphasizing that it was not only his personal preference but also the choice of the party.

“The Governor was not tactical but open and straight that his candidate is Balarabe Abdullahi and the need for Members-elect to support his choice which eventually is the choice of the party.”

In a surprising twist, Hon Danladi Jatau (APC Kokona East), who had been vying for the Speakership position, may abandon his ambition and throw his support behind the Governor and the party’s choice.

Daily Sun gathered that the meeting, which lasted for approximately three hours, showcased the significance that the party leadership attached to this decision.

The tradition of consensus in the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, which functions as a close-knit family, has consistently yielded competent speakers over the years. This tradition is expected to continue with the inauguration of the 7th assembly members-elect next week.

Daily Sun also reports that historically, the first, second, third, and fourth assemblies were all inaugurated on June 6th, while the fifth and current sixth assemblies were inaugurated on June 9th and 10th, respectively. This was due to Thursday and Friday being non-sitting days for the House. Therefore, the inauguration of the 7th assembly may also be postponed to June 6th, a Tuesday, depending on the Governor’s proclamation.

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