LASG partners pharmacists to monitor drugs allegedly containing human parts


The Lagos State Government says it is partnering with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) to prevent the sales of Chinese Drugs allegedly containing human parts in the Nigerian markets.

The State Commissioner for Health, Dr Jide Idris, spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the Association of General Private Nursing Practitioners (AGPNP) on Wednesday in Lagos.

Idris told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the state government was seriously keeping an eye on areas it felt would be at risk of these drugs.

NAFDAC had since assured Nigerians of safety, warning people to beware of the poisonous drugs.

Idris said: “Every importation is actually at the purview of the Federal Government, NAFDAC, SON, among others.

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“But, Lagos State is trying its best to collaborate with the Pharmacists Council to regulate and monitor that these drugs don’t get into our local markets.

“Our drug quality laboratory control is also working to check any drug that is brought in which efficacy is not known before distribution into the health facilities.

“We also have our task force established by the Lagos State Government working tirelessly to ensure that people are safe.

“We have not also failed in sensitising and enlightening people about the inherent dangers in taking these drugs.’’

A Pharmacist, Health and Safety Professional, Mrs Fayo Williams, urged the Federal Government to pay attention to every importation right from its country of origin.

“Safety in importation starts right from the point of exportation into Nigeria; government needs to ensure that every importation has certificate of free sale and analysis of the products right from their countries of origin.

“Government needs to step up its game and ensure that all shortcuts at the ports, proper screening, scanning and documentation are done to avoid the ingress of such products coming into country.

“Because they can be harmful to human body and even the generations yet unborn,’’ Williams said.

Speaking, a Paediatric Neurologist from University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Dr Okunola Olusola, called on the Federal Government to strengthen NAFDAC, SON and other agencies to effectively do their jobs.

“Our health monitoring organisations like NAFDAC, SON and Nigerian Customs should be well equipped. I doubt if they can easily detect certain things like the drug containing human remains.

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“The alleged product is a supplement that will not go through certain rigorous checks, assuming it is a drug to cure back pain.

It could because it has been specifically marketed for a specific certain need that can be proven or measured.

“Even, the local one people consume, how do we know the local concoction people hawk around doesn’t contain human blood?

“Our monitoring agencies also need to look into the regulation of locally gin and all sorts of concoction being marketed and consumed by people for curative purposes.

“Corruption has been a challenge too; it also needs to be addressed,’’ Olusola said.

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