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Fintech: Arbitos Oil MD, Fekomi CEO, unveil Fintech App RocketPay and 1k sign-up bonus for the first 20,000 user


A special well tailored bill payment mobile app with key day-to-day life activities that enable user converts airtime to cash, trade gift card, virtual dollar card, fund bet wallet, pay cable tv subscription, purchase tickets for movies, or shop online across borders.

The RocketPay App is now available for free download via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The app offers a new easy-to-use, on-the-go, and fully customizable experience for user of RocketPay, the smartest and most secured independently owned bill payment app. Booking a movie ticket on your couch or needs a secured app to run your business advert online without exposing your Naira card, you can fund your dollar card with Naira, making it easy to transact internationally.

RocketPay remains your best app. use RocketPay App to stay up-to-date on all transactions, movie, and cable tv subscription; personalize the home screen with avert of your wish; or create custom push notifications and never miss a major update or announcement.

Most thrilling features remains the “airtime-to-cash” a special features designed to help users combat the agony of mistakenly overloaded airtime. “airtime-to-cash” helps you convert your overloaded airtime back to cash with just push of buttons.

“More than 100% users during testing period are super happy with the app performance, security capabilities and user friendly interface, says chief Adefemi Komiyo Lawrence (Fekomi) co-founder of RocketPay. “Our new app was built entirely from scratch with the principal goals of offering ease of navigation, a fast load time, and the ability for users to customize the content as they see fit.”

We are delighted the RocketPay app is finally going public after intense planning and design to provide an answer to all bill payment needs with a single app” said Kehinde Ipaye, Co-founder

With our user-friendly app and ingenious features, we aim to transform your payment and financial lifestyle.

Download the RocketPay app and experience the convenience of easy bill payment, airtime to cash conversion, movie ticket, bet wallet funding, and cross-boarder shopping with RocketPay Virtual Card feature.

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