End of year predictions: What God told me, by Prophet Olagunju

Olakunle Olafioye

The Presiding Bishop of Divine Seed of God Chapel Ministry, Sasa, Ojoo, Ibadan, Prophet Wale Olagunju, has predicted that the Year 2020 would mark the beginning of the end of holding Nigeria hostage.

Prophet Olagunju who made this known in his 48-point prophecy for the New Year also re-affirmed his 2016 prediction that the presidency would remain with the North for 12 years.

Prophet Olagunju also predicted serious crises for the two leading political parties, top politicians, as well as calling for serious prayers for some key figures in the country.


His words: “The God of ancient prophets revealed to me that President Donald

Trump of the United States of America will survive the present impeachment saga. In a further revelation, the Living God says that President Donald Trump is a candidate to beat in the USA 2020 presidential election. With little prayer, Donald Trump will win the election.

“Better days ahead for Nigerians as revealed by Almighty God, but not under the present administration. For God has heard the prayers of

Nigerians. It would take miracle of the century and serious prayers for President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria to complete his second term.

“Nigerians should not under-estimate the present governor of Kaduna

State, Malam el-Rufai Nasir in the 2023 president election, he would publicly apologise to Christians.

“It is the mindset of the Living God for Abubakar Atiku to rule Nigeria. And also in the programme of the Living God that Atiku/Ekweremadu ticket and not Atiku/Obi ticket. Atiku failed because he fielded Peter Obi instead of Ekweremadu as his running mate and PDP leadership failed because they refused to heed the voice of God and they believe in their own ability and money. That is pride in the sight of the Living God.

“In my 2017 prophecy, I predicted that there was going to be sharp misunderstanding between Buhari and Osinbajo as a result of political differences. Thus says the Lord, what we are witnessing now is a child’s play. It is not in the mind-set of God for Bola Tinubu to rule Nigeria. No matter how he manipulates his way to get the ticket, he would fail at the end of the day.

“The Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Tambuwal should pray very well so as to complete his second term in office. He should pray against impeachment threat.

“Alhaji Jakande, (former Governor of Lagos State) should be prayed for.

“Before the 2023 presidential election some members of Atiku loyalists will decamp to another party.

“President Buhari is terminally sick. Nigerians should pray for him.  Nigerians should brace up for more hardship.

“Rift would erupt in the leadership of PDP at the national level headed by Uche Secondus. Before 2023 election, allegation of serious corruption would be levied against Uche Secondus and his executives.

“As revealed to me, Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State would become a beautiful bride in the 2023 presidential election. Cabal from the North will persuade him to be the running mate of el-Rufai.

“Concerning Oyo State, as from the year 2021 upward, the APC-led Federal Government and some cabals will make things tight for Governor Seyi Makinde. A lot of frustration and gang-ups from the so-called opposition, financial hardship inclusive, using some of his supporters to frustrate him.

If Nigeria politicians are not careful, a serious chaos would erupt in their midst. Nepotism, tribalism and inordinate ambition will collapse the system.

“The husband of the founder (Better-Life for Women) should be prayed for seriously.

“The cabal holding Nigeria to hostage will pass away and then Nigerian nation will break-up. Divine judgment on the cabal will begin this year 2020 and there can never be peace in Nigeria until Nigeria break-up as revealed to me by the Living God.

“As revealed to me in No. 45 of my 2016 prophecy (God of ancient Prophets, said except by accident, presidency will remain with the North for the next 12 years.) I stand by my prophecy because I see nothing in those southerners now clamouring for the country’s No. 1 seat.

“In Oyo State, there would be rift in the PDP. Likewise in Ondo State, there will be a serious rift in the PDP just because of the gubernatorial primary election. As revealed to me, Bola Tinubu should pray for long life because the man is carrying a terminal disease likewise General T.Y. Danjuma.

“The Lord God Almighty that knows the beginning and the end of everything revealed this to me. Come 2023, the plan to field Atiku as presidential candidate is on and at the same time some cabal would root for Tambuwal picking Wike as his running mate.

“2020 is a year APC would start to disorganize and destabilize PDP using instruments of the state at their disposal to cause confusion in their midst.

“Ugandan President, his days in office are getting to an end. Just like the Queen of England, her days are getting nearer. Chelsea Coach (Frank Lampard) is the future British coach as revealed to me by the Living God.

“In our dispensation, Buhari would be the last former military ruler that will rule over united Nigeria.

“In the coming year election in Ondo State, Eyitayo Jegede is a serious candidate to defeat Akeredolu. But the APC would rig the election and already they have perfected the rigging. As revealed further by the living God, this election before election, will take sudden miracle for PDP candidate to defeat APC in the election, so they need to pray.

“There will be a rift between Tinubu and Fayemi with respect to the 2023 Presidential election.

“As revealed to me by the Almighty God, if Fayose and his PDP failed to reconcile with Senator Olujimi now, Olujimi will surely decamp to APC.

“Politics in the North will change come 2023 to the surprise of many Nigerians. The people of the North will say Jonathan used some part of late Yar’Adua’s tenure. That is the bone of contention that would form the 2023 presidential election.

“Should APC pick Tinubu as their presidential candidate come 2023 election, as revealed to me by the living God, 70 per cent of APC members across the nation would move back to PDP, their original home, then PDP would win.

“At His appointed time, APC would break-up just like PDP and the country would face serious hardship and that is God’s judgment and its a tragedy of a nation where sin has become warehouse. God revealed further that APC would end up the way PDP ended.

“As revealed by the Living God, should Governor Obaseki of Edo State decamp to another party today, he would lose. What the people are witnessing in Edo State between Oshiomole and Obaseki is a reward of the election they rigged in favour of Obaseki. The misunderstanding would continue until when APC is rooted out.

“Tinubu is determined to contest the 2023 presidential election, the cabal of the nation will not allow him to smell the seat not to talk of winning the election. Opposition against him would be too much.

“Political heavyweights would do everything possible to wrestle power from this people. Furthermore as revealed Seyi Makinde must be very careful, so that what happened in Bola Ige era/Olunloyo will not happen to him.

“There would be serious crises in the two major political parties in Nigeria. Mass corruption and embezzlement of state money will continue in Nigeria. In future, price of Petroleum products will jack-up. Nigeria should pray very well for there would be sudden death of prominent Nigerians.

“God of the Apostles warns some of those fake Nigerian prophets/pastors to repent now, else the judgments of God is at hand.  Just like he revealed to me in the 2017/2018 prophecy.

“Persecution against Saraki, Dino Melaye and others is imminent. It is from grace to grass completely.

“In the year 2020, most of our retired general should be prayed for and rebuke sudden death through serious sickness.

“I asked the living God why all these problems in our country. Thus says the Lord, He God of heaven is angry with the leaders and the people of Nigerian since the day we invited all the gods of this world to Nigeria (FESTAC 77) and celebrated them in a big way. Ever since Nigeria has been in the hand of an angry God. The then leaders brought all these demons, gods of this world, worshipped, praised, served, erected mansions, named streets after them in a satanic manner. Should the leaders fail to stage a repentance crusade seeking the face of Almighty God in righteousness, God further revealed that the nation would continue to move from one problem to another and from one crisis to another until the nation breaks up. FESTAC 77 is a serious sin against the God of heaven. Nigeria will continue to have bad leaders until the sin of FESTAC 77 is realized. Thus says the Lord, righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach.”

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