Electric cars sustainable alternatives to traditional carbon-emitting vehicles –EV Taxi boss

From Adanna Nnamani, Abuja 

The Chief Executive Officer of Electric Vehicle Taxi, Lanre Ashaolu, has pushed for electric automobiles as a sustainable substitute for conventional carbon-emitting vehicles as the globe shifts to renewable energy sources. 

This came at the same time that Ashaolu announced the company’s introduction of its fleet of electric taxis, which he claimed would help Nigerians pay less for transport while simultaneously addressing the issue of climate change and the country’s rising need for dependable and practical travel options.

 According to him, the e-taxi business will function as a ground-breaking transportation service, providing smooth point-to-point transportation from any location in Abuja to the airport and back.

He added that there are plans to extend its services to Lagos and other cities in Nigeria in the coming months.

The EV Taxi CEO said, “With the e-taxi service, Nigerians can now book an all-electric, zero carbon emission, whisper-quiet ride through the company’s website or by simply placing a call to the dedicated hotline.

 “Today marks a new chapter in the era of green transportation in Nigeria,” said Lanre Ashaolu, the CEO of EV Taxi. “EVs are a sustainable alternative to our traditional carbon-emitting vehicles that are quickly going out of fashion. Our goal at EV Taxi is to provide Nigerians with a seamless, affordable, climate-friendly travel experience that meets the demands of modern-day living.”

 “The introduction of the e-taxi service comes at a pivotal moment for Nigerians, as the country continues to evolve into a hub of innovation and progress. With its focus on affordability, eco-friendliness, convenience, and reliability, EV Taxi is setting new standards for public transport in Nigeria.

 “In conjunction with the launch of its electric taxi service, EV Taxi is also recruiting passionate and dedicated drivers to join its team. Interested individuals are invited to submit their CVs to become a part of the first team of ‘green drivers’ committed to delivering exceptional e-taxi service.

 “EV Taxi is a leading provider of innovative transport solutions committed to changing the way people travel.With its focus on affordability, eco-friendliness, convenience, and reliability, EV Taxi strives to deliver clean transport solutions that are environmentally-friendly and align with global climate change goals”, he explained.

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