Danger as young people engage more in homosexuality

Goose pimples spread all over my skin, when I read this chilling confession: “I am a 26-year-old male prostitute and a barber who goes round to service men who need such attention. I have clients in Lekki, Ojodu, Sango-Otta, Ikeja and Festac Town. After sleeping with me, they pay a token of N3,000 and feed me. If the manhood is too big to penetrate, we use lubricating fluid to assist ourselves. When I am injured, my client would take care of the treatment, if he refuses, I will not service him again.”

It is no longer news that some men now seriously engage in homosexual practices. More disturbing is the fact that it is fast gaining grounds among the younger generation. A dreadful sin committed by sick men is spreading its tentacles like an octopus and pulling in many more young people, who do not understand the health, social, spiritual and physical implications and consequences of the act. Homosexuality has become a common practice among young boys in boarding schools. They see it as normal.  Even in decent neighbourhoods, some primary school children are not devoid of this atrocious menace. Only if the innocent boys knew the dangers of the game they play taking to be just fun.

In all honesty, the first hard lesson homosexual addicts must learn is that a small portion of the hell fire awaits such men if they die in the act as God abhors it totally. There is no religion in the African context that accepts same sex relationship. Other so-called civilised countries may have legalised the practice, but in Africa, it is highly and strongly condemned by all. Homosexual practice is the reason sufferers wear adult diaper like babies because of the damage done to their anus over time. Listening to two young male students aged 14 and 15, in boarding school, who confessed that they regularly engaged in homosexual act while other students were asleep in the dormitory. It became obvious that the practice, long shrouded in secrecy, had been an age-long generational problem. From the boys’ confession, one understood that two homosexuals could live like husband and wife where the husband takes care of the financial responsibilities and the wife plays the role of the woman. This type of students-turned homosexual husbands return to school with excess provision and enough cash they swindle from their parents to take care of their student-homosexual-partner wife. This act is very common among undergraduate students who live off campus. Obviously, they started off from somewhere and graduated to the university level. Only if some parents would look inwards and understand the true nature of the children they are living with sponsoring their education.

When boys begin to develop affection for their fellow boys instead of the usual infatuation between a teenage boy and a girl, there is a problem. Some students go into homosexuality knowingly while some are over-powered by stronger, older senior students in school. It is most nauseating and frustrating when some young students are forced into the illicit act without their consent. How? In schools, a junior student might be sleeping innocently, a bigger senior would mount on him from the blues and any resistance earns him slaps, hatred and further punishment in school. Out of fear, some weaklings would succumb to the devilish practice, which leads to other initiations and the beat goes on.

A chilling account of how an anonymous school dropout was tricked into homosexuality by his uncle and later became a master of the game would draw tears from one’s eyes. He confessed how the journey started: “We are six in our family; two boys and two girls, with our parents and a distant uncle. One day, my family went for a vigil and I could not attend because of ill health. My uncle was mandated to stay home and keep me company. In the night, I felt a hand roll over me from the back towards my chest area. That hand woke me up and I felt my uncle was carried away in his sleep. I felt the same hand again as it continued to stroke my body and I removed it. He kept quiet; he later started all over again.  When I inquired why he was rubbing me all over, he said he was checking if my temperature was still high. Though I suspected evil based on a few moral instructions I heard from both family and Church, but I didn’t think it would come from my uncle. He continued slowly, this time around towards my private part and I resisted and protested. He then said: “This part of your body is still hot and needed to be open to get some fresh air. I allowed him and it was like magic because of his earlier moves, that opening came with erotic feelings and strong erection for both of us. My uncle did not stop at stroking my manhood until he knelt down to add his mouth. My body system changed and I enjoyed that aspect. From that night that was how I got initiated into homosexuality and it became our habitual game when other members of the family were sleeping. We would be busy in our own corner doing what we know best. My parents never discovered until uncle left the house for greener pastures. But while the affair lasted, he was my best friend and showered me with gifts. When I got back to school, I tried it quietly on my bunkmate and it worked. My bunkmate became my wife until we were caught by other students and were expelled by the school authorities. That was when I opened up to my busy parents as I dropped out of school.”

One now sees with nostalgia how some students transmit bad behaviour from home to school, while some take theirs from school to homes and the neighbourhood. Then both victims and their agents keep spreading the bug like harmattan fire.

It is very surprising how hardened homosexuals quickly identify themselves in public places even though their popular ‘pink’ colour normally sells them out. It also shows the devilish powers behind same sex partnership. A handsome pastor who was in the business for years was caught in the act and was made to face the music. In his confession on how he met his crime partner he said: “I walked into a pharmacy shop to purchase some drugs. The moment I looked at the shop attendant, a devilish connecting chemistry ran through our spine and he winked at me to signify his loyalty as a homosexual. Before the end of the day’s business, the shop attendant was in my house because we exchanged addresses. We enjoyed ourselves, and we later transited into pastor-homosexual husband and shop-attendant-homosexual wife relationship that landed us in police custody.”

Another 24-year-old victim anonymously confessed thus: “When I was badly battered by a client, the doctor told me that my anus was destroyed because of forceful penetration and said that it might not be easy to get it back to its natural state. When it is sutured once or twice and there is still repeated penetration, the anus would be completely damaged. The resultant effect would be uncontrolled defecation on my body and chances of survival would be 50/50. I needed help, but could not get because I destroyed myself.”

But truth is that homosexuality is not only found among young boys; full-fledged responsible men are involved. Most professions are not free from homosexual practitioners. Most movers and shakers, especially those who relocate their families abroad and live alone just might be engaged in homosexual relationships. Most of them take home male prostitutes who wear wigs like women to disguise themselves. At the entrance to their home, the security man would erroneously think the ‘Oga’ came with a lady, not knowing that ‘Oga’ was actually going to ravish a fellow man.

A discreet investigation by this column revealed that big boys who are homosexuals do it perfectly through the social media. They check into hotels and wait for their male dates who would hurry to the rendezvous while holding a laptop as if he was there for a business meeting. The moment he gets into his date’s room and the door is locked, whatever that happens is no longer the business of the hotel.

Dear parents, all hands must be on deck to combat homosexual practices among boys. You won’t find the label ‘homosexual’ written on the faces, but when you see your boy dress mostly in pink, shave, shape and carve his eyebrows; when his walking gait changes; when his language changes; when he sits with one side of his buttocks, when he stains himself like a girl on her monthly period, when he makes some gesticulations like a girl, be very watchful. Do not say he is not my son. No., it is no time for blame game rather an evil that must be kicked out of the society collectively.

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