Arase, newly appointed PSC chairman, assumes office, promises to revamp security sector

From Molly Kilete, Abuja


The newly appointed Chairman of Police Service Commission(PSC), Mr Solomon Arase, has assumed office with a promise to focus on the issue of security sector reform at the commission.

Arase, has also promised to ensure a cordial working relationship between the PSC and the Nigeria Police Force for and effective policing in the country.

The former Inspector General of Police(IGP), made this known in his maiden briefing with journalists. He called for stronger synergy between the media and the police force with a view to changing the public negative narratives about the police in the country.

Arase, while assuring that the media would be given easy access to necessary information needed for their reportage to support the police force in positive light, noted that the police force belongs to all Nigerian where citizens should not just criticize but also proffer solution in critiquing.

He said “I did mentioned yesterday that there is going to be some paradigm shift in our relationship and oversight function with the Nigeria Police Force.

“Most of the things we have had in recent times are the disquiet about the relationship when it comes to who has the responsibility to do one thing or the other.

“One major aspect that we have not talked about is the issue of security sector reform and that is where I am going to seek your cooperation to see how we can charge up our relationship.

“We have been dealing with issues of public negative perception and I want you to change your approach towards reportage of the policing activities in the country.

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