Nasarawa govt denies interference in Trimadix mining operations


  • Government denies interference, cites illegal mining as the reason for action
  • Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited not recognised by the state government
  • Security agencies acted on a petition from the Amba community
  • All mining entities must undergo legal and security checks

From Abel Leonard, Lafia

The Nasarawa State government has refuted allegations of undue interference in the mining operations of Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited.

This was stated by Hon Kwanta Yakubu, Commissioner of Environment and Natural Resources, at a press conference held on Wednesday.

The allegations stem from a press conference held last week in Jos by Mr Tim Eldon of Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited, accusing the state government of obstructing their mining activities in Kokona Local Government Area.

“The attention of the Nasarawa State Government is drawn to a press conference on Friday last week in Jos by one Mr Tim Eldon of Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited,” Yakubu said.

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Yakubu explained that the government’s actions were in response to illegal mining activities threatening the peace and security of the Amba community. “The Nasarawa State Government took a bold step to secure the Amba Community from the activities of illegal miners,” he emphasised.

According to the Commissioner, the operation to close and secure the mining site was carried out by a joint team of security agencies following a petition from the community chief. He reiterated the government’s commitment to enforcing Executive Order No. 02 of 2022, aimed at regulating mining activities in the state.

The Executive Order requires all community Consent and Development Agreements to be vetted and certified by the Attorney General of Nasarawa State. “This is to avoid multiple issuances of community Consents and Development Agreements to mining entities,” Yakubu noted.

The Commissioner highlighted that all mining entities must undergo legal and security checks before commencing operations. “All mining entities arriving in the state with the authority of the Federal Government to carry out mining in the State must undergo checks,” he said.

Yakubu assured that the government is committed to promoting investment opportunities but will not tolerate illegal mining activities. “Government would not compromise its determination to rid the State of illegal mining activities,” he declared.

He asserted that Trimadix Geomin Consult Limited is not recognised by the state government under the current regulatory framework. “The so-called mining entity claiming to be licensed to carry out mining activities in the Amba community is not known to the Nasarawa State Government,” he stated.

The Commissioner also expressed gratitude to the security agencies for their cooperation in enforcing the Executive Order. “I thank the various security agencies in the State for their immense cooperation with the State Government,” Yakubu said.

He further stated that the Nasarawa State Government remains vigilant against any threats to the peace and safety of its communities and will continue to monitor and address any illegal activities.

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