How Arase’s foundations are transforming lives

By Dipo Kehinde

In a world where the pursuit of knowledge, community and human development often takes a back seat, two foundations in Nigeria are making waves, transforming lives and proving that legacies can drive monumental change.

The Mercy Igbe Arase Foundation and the Solomon Ehigiator Arase Foundation (SEAF) are more than just names, they are beacons of hope, empowerment and excellence.


Arase’s foundations

These foundations have positively impacted countless lives in Edo State, providing scholarships to 100 indigent students. Thirty-eight students have already graduated, while 62 are currently pursuing their studies across 22 universities and polytechnics.

The legacy of an inspirational educator

Mercy Igbe-Arase was more than a teacher; she was a force of nature who believed in the transformative power of education. Her commitment laid the foundation for the Mercy Igbe Arase Foundation, established by her son, Dr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase, a retired Inspector-General of Police. This foundation embodies values of knowledge, empathy and community service.

From awarding scholarships to organising community development projects and promoting human rights, the foundation has made a tangible impact. It has provided not only financial support but also health outreach and skills training programmess in Ora, Edo State.

A visionary’s pursuit of excellence

In 2022, Dr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase expanded his mother’s legacy by founding the Solomon Ehigiator Arase Foundation. Guided by a belief in the transformative power of education, this foundation aims to foster educational excellence and community development.

SEAF’s inaugural year was groundbreaking. The foundation organized its first annual lecture series on “Citizens’ Inclusion in Security Management: The Edo State Model,” which featured scholarships and donation of essential security items to local governments, including 50 motorcycles with helmets, a branded Sienna van, 1,400 branded shirts, 1,400 branded caps, 1,400 whistles, 200 raincoats, 210 torches and security equipment aimed at enhancing community safety and growth.

Expanding horizons and impact

In its second year, SEAF expanded its scholarship programme to include children of deceased police officers, ensuring their educational aspirations could continue. The foundation’s annual lecture on Alternative Dispute Resolution highlighted its commitment to justice and effective conflict resolution, solidifying its role as a catalyst for change.

As SEAF enters its third year, it remains dedicated to its mission of fostering educational excellence and empowering young minds, as evidenced by a recent celebration honouring scholars with a private lunch and award presentation.

Two foundations, one mission

The Mercy Igbe Arase Foundation and SEAF are not just offering financial aid; they are shaping the futures of young Nigerians, cultivating a new generation of leaders, thinkers and change-makers.

Their story is a testament to the enduring power of legacy and the transformative impact of education. In a world often seeking quick fixes, these foundations demonstrate that lasting change requires time, dedication and unwavering commitment.

This is more than a story of scholarships and community projects; it’s a narrative of hope, resilience, and the belief that one person’s legacy can touch countless lives.

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